iSakura is the most popular Japanese IPTV on the current market.

You can enjoy Live and Replay (7 days) Japanese TV on a large screen at home or on mobile at work.

You can choose iSakura Plus 78Ch, iSakura Basic 40Ch or iSakura Mini 24Ch.

 TV Box is not included in this product.

This IPTV can not be used in Japan.

Sample Video

- 78, 40 or 24 Japanese Channels

- Live + 7 Days replay

- High Quality

- You can watch on PC and Mac too

iSakura WebTV for PC and Mac

You can watch iSakura WebTV on PC and Mac now. 

Web URL:
(iPhone, iPad is not ready yet but there is a temporary solution )

Japan and Mainland China are restricted access for Web TV.

Please enable Adobe Flash Plugin to watch TV programs.

Login with your ID and Password.

You can confirm your ID at your Android iSakura on top of Menu screen. (Alphabet + numbers)

If you don't have Android device to get ID, please order iSakura for PC/Mac from here.

Channels List



Application for your Android Device

Download iSakura Operations Manual 

For iSakura + TV Box Package --> Here

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iSakura Plus (78Ch) for Japanese TV

iSakura Plus 3 Days

 $    4.00

iSakura Plus 7 Days

 $    8.00

iSakura Plus 1 Month

 $  30.00

iSakura Plus 3 Months

 $  79.00

iSakura Plus 6 Months


iSakura Plus 1 Year


iSakura Basic (40 Ch)

iSakura Basic 3 days


iSakura Basic 1 Month

(30 days)


iSakura Basic 3 Months

(90 days)


iSakura Basic 6 Months

(180 days)


iSakura Basic 1 Year

(365 days)


iSakura Mini (24 Ch)

iSakura Mini 3 days


iSakura Mini 1 Month

(30 days)


iSakura Mini 3 Months

(90 days)


iSakura Mini 6 Months

(180 days)


iSakura Mini 1 Year

(365 days)



* iSakura is proudly sold  by Japan Net TV (